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Pommier Med Spa

McCullagh & Scott is a phenomenal company to work with! They did the build-out of our medical spa of about 2500 square feet. They were prompt with their responses and helpful with plan changes during the construction process. They worked with us on our budget, which was fairly strict, and stayed within budget during the entire buildout. Additionally, they continued to work with us after the completion of the project to fix any issues that arose. I can not say enough positive things about McCullagh & Scott and their employees. I look forward to working with them on multiple projects in the future.

Robert Applebaum, M.D. M.B.A.

What’s Involved?

Dr. Robert Applebaum, oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, wanted to expand his expertise and personal interest into cosmetics. A vacant shell space in growing Riverview, Florida became the perfect opportunity to create Pommier Med Spa. Dr. Applebaum approached McCullagh & Scott with a concept floor plan but also with an open mind for our professional input. Our teams worked together to find ways to maximize the space but also leave room for future growth. The final layout includes 5 treatment rooms, a lab, a relaxing lobby and recovery room, a spacious conference room and breakroom with 700 sf for additional rooms or training area. Wanting to add a little extra, the team picked upgraded finishes to accentuate the natural and relaxing feel of the spa.

Project Brief

Pommier Med Spa

Project Planning

5 treatment rooms, a lab, a relaxing lobby and recovery room, a spacious conference room and breakroom with 700 sf for additional rooms or training area.

Job Completion

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How much do you think this will cost?...or...What is the square foot price?
The cost of commercial construction is very dependent on the type of materials selected along with other choices owners make. That being said, all construction types must pass a plan and cost review in order to be approved by underwriting to ensure that the price point is in line with the open market. If you do not have access to a plan and cost review or an appraisal, please contact us to further review your needs.
Can we fit what we’d like to build?
The Florida Building Code in conjunction with Land Development Code utilizes a matrix to determine what types of buildings can be located in certain types of zoning conditions. If you do not have a FAR calculation readily available, please contact us for better direction.
How long does it take to get a permit?
Common nomenclature refers to having "a permit" as if there were just one permit to obtain from the City or County. This, however, is not entirely accurate in that there are different kinds of building permits and there are multiple government agencies for site work that all need their respective permits in order to proceed with a project. There is also the possibility of needing various levels of re-zoning which is a separate process, but proceeds permitting. The shortest process is 3 months and the longest is 15 months. To better narrow in the time frame please contact us with more details on your project.
How will you help me make the best use of our space in design?
McCullagh & Scott will bring 35 years of experience along with a full design team of various professionals (ie. Architects and Engineers) to fully understand your vision, then through an iterative process will draw out the highest and best use of the space available. If you are interested in having a conversation about your space needs please give us a call.